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British Woodland Dpm Windproof Combat Smock W/ Hood

British Woodland DPM Windproof Combat Smock W/ Hood

CONDITION: Used, will show signs of fading and wear. Will either have unit patches on the shoulder or loose threads from patch removal. Over-all we are very pleased with the condition of this lot of smocks. We have seen patches from the Royal Air Force, Royal Marines Commandos, 7th Armored Brigade and others. 

The British DPM Woodland Windproof Combat Smock: Tough, practical, and built for action, whether your action is tearing up the road and trails on a bike, camping or hunting.

Crafted from windproof material and sporting woodland DPM camouflage, this smock offers solid outer protection and the DPM blends well in much of the U.S.  With multiple pockets for gear storage and adjustable cuffs and waist for a customized fit, it's designed for comfort and functionality in the field. 

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