M81 Woodland Molle Rucksack (Complete)
M81 Woodland Molle Rucksack (Complete)

M81 Woodland MOLLE Rucksack (Complete)

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CONDITION: GRADE 2 OR BETTER. Will show signs of use which may include mild to moderate fading, soiling, tape or tape residue, minor abrasions, ect. These packs were general issue about 20 years ago and have been kicking around the military supply chain until now. They do show the signs of this. 

In the late 1990's the USMC and US Army began looking for replacement rucks for general issue. They tried several different types, finally settling on the first generation of MOLLE ruck in M81 Woodland. There were several different sub-variations within the first generation, mostly frame re-designs. (We do not make any guarantees as to which type of frame you receive other than it will be a period correct black frame.)


These rucks ship complete with 

  • Black MOLLE Frame
  • Shoulder straps
  • Hip belt 
  • Main Ruck 
  • 2x Sustainment Pouches
  • Sleep System Carrier


  • Main Ruck: 2500 ci
  • Claymore pouch 400 ci
  • Sustainment pouch(s) 500 ci each
  • SSC: 2000 ci
  • Total: 5900 ci

Customer Reviews

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Every experience I've had with OTS has been outstanding. Their surplus is as good as their customer service.

Sweet Pack

This is an awesome pack. Woodland camo M81 is one of my favorites and it's getting harder to find especially at this price. Mine came used but in great shape. No holes, rips, or stains, all buckles and zippers working. Great colors. It was definitely used and came with free interior leaves! Lol. Also has some tape from previous owner. Just needs a good wash and it'll be ready to go. Plenty of room for most activities. If you're on the fence about it go ahead and get it!

Heather Mathis
10 / 5 stars

Absolutely amazing condition. Slight tear on the compression sack but easily fixable, it gets covered anyway by the top flap. The note was very sweet as well, thank you.