Granite Gear Chief Patrol Pack
Granite Gear Chief Patrol Pack
Granite Gear Chief Patrol Pack
Granite Gear Chief Patrol Pack
Granite Gear Chief Patrol Pack

Granite Gear CHIEF Patrol Pack

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GRADE 1: Very Good Condition, May show minor cosmetic flaws from storage and handling.

Grade 2: Will show minor to moderate cosmetic flaws, small abrasions (no holes), Fully serviceable as is. 

Grade 3: Will likely need minor work, such as small holes sewn up, buckles replaced, etc

The CHIEF Patrol contract was granted through Natick’s Special Operations Office after an extensive source selection process and rigorous testing of packs from six other companies. The backpack meets the U.S. Special Operations Forces requirements to provide a load carriage system that delivers top-performance with specific features. Natick’s requirements for the SOF Patrol pack was to be able to carry 100 pounds comfortably, survive a 40 foot drop fully loaded, and weigh 7lbs or less. The CHIEF frame is the key to meeting those requirements. The CHIEF System is engineered from a proprietary, continuously reinforced thermoplastic with distinct zones of flexibility, matching and supporting the soldier’s natural spinal contours. The CHIEF frame can flex, but always returns to it’s original shape, never deforming like aluminum stays frequently do.


• Patent Pending Chief Framesheet
• Pivot Point Hardware
• Body Armor Compatible Harness
• High Output Hydration
• Access Panel
• Radio Pocket
• NIR Solution-Dyed Fabric
• 4” X 4” Velcro ID Patch
• Snapdragon Sternum Strap
• PALS Webbing Throughout


Weight: 6 lbs. 15 oz. // 3.1 kg
Volume: 5500 cubic inches // 90 Liters
Outer Material: 500 D Nylon Cordura
Webbing: 1000 D Nylon Cordura

Condition: Grade 1

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Based on 4 reviews
Great Pack

I got this pack because I had heard good things and it can be compressed down if you're not carrying that much. I've only taken it on short hikes so far but it fits comfortably and does compress down nicely. You'd have plenty of room for longer trips. Their grading system is very accurate. I purchased a grade 2 and yea it came with some dirt and scuffs but no holes and everything works. Some of the interior water resistant lining is flaking but most packs do this at some point. Not a big deal, a wash will clear it up and you can spray your pack or use a cover for waterproofing. Good bag.

Jacob K
Great product, excellent service

Ordered this pack for some solo camping, and it’s everything as advertised. I looked the whole thing over and it was like new. I can’t wait to break it in this spring.

Joseph Damore
Awesome gear

Great condition, other than a few scraps here and there. Haven't taken ot out yet, but it looks to be as advertised.

Michael G
Best comfort to durability balance.

First, One Thief Surplus has been great to work with. And I found the condition of my "Condition 1" pack to be near new. I honestly think it was unused, just stored in a warehouse for years. Regarding the pack. The balance of comfort, durability, load bearing and mobility can't be easy for a designer. Granite Gear has gotten as close as any pack I've had. While I do feel strongly that this is a great piece of kit that would fill many roles, there are issues you should know. One, I'm 5'5". If you are shorter than that I wouldn't buy it. I have it on the lowest mounting position and it fits good, but if the waist belt his just a touch higher that would be nice. Second, because of the mobility offered by this pack, the waist belt does not offer the support as on other packs. Like my Mystery Ranch Terra 80 for example. It offers much more support but much less freedom of movement. Everything is a trade off and nothing comes for free. The shoulder straps are incredibly wide, for me at least too wide. I'm going to sculpt them with my sewing machine. However that is body type specific and you will likely be fine. Other than those issues? I can't think of a deficit. One more thing... I popped apart an AR with a 16 inch barrel and standard A2 flash hider to see if the upper would fit in the side pocket. It does but not enough to allow the pocket to zip closed. However it is so damn close! If you had 13.9 or 14.5 with a pin and welded muzzle device that had an overall of 16.1? Yeah I think it would. Just thoughts for the strange times ahead. Good luck.