onethiefsurplus Diamond Brand USMC 2 Man Combat Tent
onethiefsurplus Diamond Brand USMC 2 Man Combat Tent
onethiefsurplus Diamond Brand USMC 2 Man Combat Tent
onethiefsurplus Diamond Brand USMC 2 Man Combat Tent
onethiefsurplus Diamond Brand USMC 2 Man Combat Tent

Diamond Brand USMC 2 Man Combat Tent

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 CONDITION: These tents are good to very good condition. These tents may exhibit the wonderful military funky tent smell from storage. We laid all of these out for inspection and ensured that they are in fully functional condition. Some carry/storage bags will exhibit heavy signs of usage but the tent and components inside are in far better shape. BRAND NEW FLY!

For those seeking military grade tents for survival and hunting, this USMC Surplus combat tent checks the important boxes. This durable tent is built for adventure. The intelligent design of this military tent makes it an essential for keeping comfortable whether you are camping, hiking, or in a survival situation. Made in USA of the best materials, this tent will not let you down. Tested for the better part of two decades in USMC service.  Great for car camping, hunting, military, survival, and trail camping.


Tent, reversible M81 woodland/ tan rain fly, 3 DAC poles, at least 6 Easton stakes, transport bag and repair kit.


  • Sleeps 2+
  • 4 seasons
  • Dimensions 84 W x 59 D x 45.5 H
  • Floor area 34 sq ft
  • Vestibule area 14 sf
  • 2 doors
  • Setup time less than 5 minutes
  • Withstands 40mph steady and 55mph gusts


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As advertised

Nathan Ockrassa
Great customer service

Most of the tent looked in amazing shape and has what appears to be a new fly as described(couple holes in minor places where it's easy to repair and such). Unfortunately one of the aluminum poles was broken when it arrived...HOWEVER.....I revised my review because these folks have solid customer service and quickly shipped a good pole to replace it. Add a few patches and a little water proofing on the bottom and this tent is the real deal (I'm shocked anything survives the crayon eaters in the USMC ;) .

One Thief Surplus will definitely be on my go-to list for gear in the future!

We are sorry we missed that damaged pole. We have a replacement set of poles in the mail to you. In the future, please feel free to reach out to us with any problems you encounter so we can provide a timelier response. Thank you for your business!

Robert Gallant

OTsurplus has become my go to shop for anything surplus. Every single item I have purchased from them over the last 2 years has been nothing short of AMAZING!!! They totally undersell the condition of the gear. If they say it is “good to Very Good” in my experience I always receive a practically brand new piece of gear. They have phenomenal prices. They ship basically within 10 minutes of placing an order and every single time I have bought from them (which is many times now) my gear has showed up very well and carefully packaged and always comes a few days earlier than estimated. They put a small personal touch in each order whether it’s the hand written notes or the candy thrown in with each package. It’s the little stuff like this s that sets these guys way above the competition. And to top it all off their communication is unmatched. I had an issue with a pack I bought a few years back and it came with a broken buckle. (It’s surplus gear so to me it’s no big deal). But I contacted them about it not only did they respond immediately and apologize but literally had already shipped out a replacement buckle Basically overnighted to me to make things right with my purchase. You just don’t get that type of service anymore.
Now enough gushing over OT and on to the tent.
I have wanted one of these tents for a long time now. They were either far too pricey or in very rough condition, or both.
These guys had these tents listed far below the competitions price for better condition gear. I received mine early as I always do with any OT purchases. When I opened this thing up I was beyond stoked. The tent, rain fly, poles were basically brand new. And it came with a complete repair kit, extra stakes and extra repair parts and fabric patches. I cannot believe I finally got one of these tents in such pristine condition at such an amazing price. Pick one up while they have them because you will probably never find this good of a deal again.
These guys are awesome. I cannot say enough good things about them. They are what every business should strive to be as far as customer service.

Jon Snyder
USMC 2 Man Combat Tent

Got mine. Fast shipping! Set it up and stayed 2 nights in it. These are in Great shape. Accurate grading. I would rate mine to the "Very good" side. Happy with it. Happy with the deal. Thanks.