Firemaple Fixed Star 2 Fms-X2
Firemaple Fixed Star 2 Fms-X2


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This Fire Maple set is a real contender for the best hiking/ camping cookstove and pot that we have come across. It is imported; however, it is a high-quality, cost-effective competitor to many bigger, more well-known brands. 

This set includes an extra pot rest which allows the usage of most common camping cups and pots. It will bring half a liter of water to a boil in less than two minutes, yet it remains very compact overall with its nesting storage features.

The pot lid features a simple and effective cable lid lock to hold the lid in place during storage and transportation. it also features a neoprene sleeve to protect your hands from the hot pot as well as insulating the pot for a faster heating time. This results in a lower fuel consumption as well. 

It weighs a little over 1.3lbs over-all but this can be reduced by removing items that you do not use in your specific circumstances, such as the plastic potholder or alternative pot stand for cooking. 

Fire-Maple Stoves are leading the industry heat exchange technology that minimizes wind impact and reduces boiling times by up to 30% compared to traditional backpacking stoves.

All accessories including stove, pot, pan support, canister stand, and fuel canister (NOT included) fit into the 1-liter cook pot. This item weighs only 22 oz!

The 1-liter cooking pot and the stove are one integrated unit, the built-in piezoelectric ignitor ignites the stove instantly.

The sturdy, hard anodized aluminum pot features a locking stainless-steel handle for secure and safe handling, this combined with the insulating neoprene cover on the pot will ensure years of safe outdoor cooking.

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Tyler T
Awesome Water Boiler

Awesome unit. Bench tested it and it brought .5 liter to boil in a minute 30 seconds. Room temperature water, no wind, etc.
Even better that I picked this up for a couple bucks cheaper than "other" sites, nice to purchase from a small business and pass the margin to them rather than a mega corporation!
As a side note, fits *very* well into the Large Dutch DPM pouches OTS also offers.