Fighter Pilot Survival Vest Camping & Hiking
Fighter Pilot Survival Vest Camping & Hiking

Fighter Pilot Survival Vest

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Grade 1: Very Good Condition. Appears to be unissued. Will likely have writing on a removeable Hook/Loop patch on the shoulder. Minor soiling possible

Grade 2: Still very good condition but will have pilot/aircraft/unit identifiers written on some parts of the vest. A neat bit of history. Will also likely show light soiling.

In 2013 the U.S. Air Force ceased issuing pilots survival vests, citing unnecessary duplication of the ejection seat survival kit. These vests, when issued, would be expected to carry everything a pilot would need to survive for an extended period of time from medical supplies, radio/beacon, pistol, flare kit, and a lot of other supplies. 

These vests are incredibly durable and are designed to survive 600 knot ejections without losing the gear and pouches on the vest. They feature the SnapTrack system of attachment for the pouches which makes arranging them on the vest to suit your particular needs a real...snap... badumdumTSHHH! Seriously though, these are way easier to organize than a MOLLE based set up, although you will likely find yourself limited on aftermarket pouches.

The vest features a zipper closure on the front and most of the pouches feature both zipper and snap closure for added security. 

The base of the vest is a breathable, fireproof mesh and it is sized as a "large" but is really more of a "One Size Fits MOST" as it does have a couple of adjustment straps on either side to cinch it in if needed. 

Let's talk about what these vests are good for. 

Canoeing/ Kayaking. Minimize how much you need to move around by keeping the essentials right on your body. Perfect if you end up in the water separated from your craft. 

Motorcycling- Are you one of those long-distance adventure riders? Keep all your essentials on your person and readily accessible while on the move. The easily secured pouches are designed to survive an ejection from a fighter plane. This makes it perfect for your application. No worries about wind causing your gear to flop about. 

Survival- well.. this one is kind of a no-brainer.

Hunting- Keep your calls, electronics, survival gear, snacks, and all your other essentials organized and on your person. 

Camping, hiking, fishing. 

Really the uses are endless and since these are likely some of the last ones making their way out of the supply chain, the opportunities to get one, especially at these prices are dwindling rapidly. 


*These vests will include 

1 universal pistol holster

3 square pouches

2 rectangular horizontal pouches

1 radio/mag pouch

1 large pouch on the rear of the vest

Condition: Grade 1

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WOW, Love it.

Bought the "grade 2 " model. Has military ID markings on it. Gives it some character. Must have been issued but never used. Great condition being "grade 2" vest. I rearranged the smaller pockets. This will get some real world use. I'll add a hydration kit to it.