German Olive Drab Lined Mittens

German Olive Drab, Lined Mittens

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CONDITION: Very Good to Like New

These are a perfect, cost effective option to keep you toasty in the hunting blind or tree stand. Rugged, Warm, Durable. These are all Very accurate words to describe these. 

  • German military issue
  • Made in Germany
  • Polyester and cotton blend shell
  • Long-lasting leather palms and thumbs
  • Toasty polyester pile liner
  • Cotton web strap with metal buckles
Size: Medium

Customer Reviews

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James Dunlap
These are awsome!

Can't wait till next winter to put these to use. Most German made products are very well made. These are no exception.

Richard Beels
warm, but german fingers are weirdly sized

took these out for a walk in the 20's with the dogs. warm. not much else to say re: temps. they verk, they verk.

but be advised, you will probably not be happy if you have short fingers or fat thumbs. the pattern for these is kind of weird: the length of the mitten part is looong and the thumb is a little on the small side. it's enough that you will be annoyed when trying to do things requring fingertips (like picking things up or zipping a jacket) while wearing the mittens, but for non-dexterity-required activities (say, shoveling or holding a leash) or static stuff, they'll be great.
they come with a short elastic-y leash so dropping them off the hands is easy when needed.

First order

Ordered a a pair as part of my first order. The description was spot on can't wait to try these on my nightly walks.