onethiefsurplus Coyote SAW Pouch Grade 1
onethiefsurplus Coyote SAW Pouch Grade 1
onethiefsurplus Coyote SAW Pouch Grade 1

Coyote SAW Pouch

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Introducing our Coyote Eagle Industries SAW Pouch, a reliable and versatile solution for carrying your SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon) ammunition in the field!

Crafted with durable materials, this SAW pouch is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of tactical operations. The coyote color seamlessly integrates with your tactical gear, providing a professional and tactical appearance.

With its spacious design, the SAW pouch offers ample storage capacity for your SAW ammunition belts. The adjustable closure system ensures a secure fit, keeping your ammunition securely in place during movements and high-intensity situations.

Featuring MOLLE compatibility, you can easily attach this pouch to your plate carrier, chest rig, or other tactical platforms, ensuring convenient access to your ammunition. The rugged construction and reinforced stitching ensure long-lasting durability in the most demanding environments.

Whether you're on a military mission, engaged in training exercises, or participating in outdoor shooting activities, the Coyote Eagle Industries SAW Pouch offers reliable functionality and performance. Trust in its quality and dependability to keep your ammunition within reach.

Upgrade your tactical gear with the Coyote Eagle Industries SAW Pouch and experience enhanced ammunition storage and accessibility. Get yours today and be prepared for every tactical scenario with confidence!

CONDITION: Grade 1 Like New

Style: Grade 2 WITHOUT divider or elastic belt feed

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Robert Rodgers
The last Saw pouch you'll ever need

I have a fightlite MCR which can feed from rifle mags or Saw boxes but most pieces of gear don't have the capacity for a Saw box and the ones that do are usually an oversized GP pouch whereas this one is purpose built for it, not to mention it comes with flaps for feeding belts straight from the pouch to the weapon and an internal velcro flap that turns it into a double double rifle mag pouch if you want to run mags instead of belts.

Joseph Damore
Awesome gear

Brand new nice piece of gear

Michael Keefe
Outstanding gear at ridiculous price

New unopened unused, complete SAW pouch. Has Velcro divider, snap on cover, and the flaps can be joined. I love it because it takes up the same area as a 4 mag pouch but when sideways, fits 2 extra mags.