onethiefsurplus Butt pack (ACU)
onethiefsurplus Butt pack (ACU)
Butt Pack (Acu) (Grade 1)
Butt Pack (Acu) (Grade 1)
Butt Pack (Acu) (Grade 1)

Butt pack (ACU) (Grade 1)

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Introducing the ACU Buttpack, a versatile and durable storage solution designed to carry essential gear during military operations, hiking trips, or outdoor adventures. This buttpack is in like-new condition, combining functionality, durability, and the Army's Universal Camouflage Pattern (ACU) for optimal performance in the field.

The ACU Buttpack is constructed from high-quality materials that can withstand rugged environments and frequent use. It features a compact and streamlined design, allowing for easy attachment and comfortable carry on your gear belt or backpack.

With its ample storage capacity, the buttpack provides space for carrying essential items such as ammunition, field rations, navigation tools, medical supplies, or other necessary gear for your mission or outdoor excursion. The main compartment offers secure storage, while additional pockets and attachment points allow for further organization and customization of your loadout.

Featuring the ACU camouflage pattern, the buttpack seamlessly integrates with your ACU patterned gear, providing effective visual concealment and reducing the chances of detection. The camouflage pattern helps you blend into various environments, enhancing your tactical advantage during operations or outdoor activities.

The buttpack is designed for quick and easy access to your gear. Its durable construction and reliable closures ensure that your items remain secure and protected while allowing for convenient retrieval when needed. The compact size and lightweight design make it a practical and valuable addition to your gear setup.

Whether you are a military professional, a hiker, or an outdoor enthusiast, the ACU Buttpack is an essential accessory for carrying your gear securely and efficiently. Its durable construction, ample storage capacity, and ACU camouflage pattern make it a reliable and versatile companion for any mission or adventure where convenient gear storage and visual concealment are vital.

Customer Reviews

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Great product. I use it to carry my hammock.

Erik Albano

Works as advertised

New Model 'Butt Pack'

Butt Packs in Grade 1 ACU pattern camo were in very good shape but like most mil-surp gear sitting in hot and humid warehouses the 'water proof coating' is breaking down which leaves a 'sticky' residue inside the pack or pouches. The 'stickiness' can vary from very slight to almost unusable without a liner of some sort. I have yet to read or hear about a way to successfully remove the residue. One of the two packs I received had a slight sticky feel while the other is quite sticky but still useable as it doesn't affect the things I usually keep in the pack. I have many of these 'butt packs' in various patterns and conditions. They are the most versatile pack in the military equipment lineup! I like to either run a web belt through the full length sleeve on the back which hides the attached strap/belt or I strap the 'butt pack' to a larger pack for a quick 'scout' or 'go' bag.

Rick Bergstrom

This item was in great shape. Thx

Tim Thiel

As always, OT delivers. They are always honest in their grading. I will definitely order again and again !
Semper Fi