onethiefsurplus ACU Bivvy Cover
onethiefsurplus ACU Bivvy Cover
onethiefsurplus ACU Bivvy Cover
onethiefsurplus ACU Bivvy Cover

UCP/ACU Bivvy Cover

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Grade 1: Like new/ New in plastic

Grade 2: Good condition, No holes, fully serviceable. May show signs of use to include dirt and discoloration. 

Grade 3: Small pin holes or may need seams re-heated/taped. 

The UCP (Universal Camouflage Pattern) Bivy Cover is a protective shelter designed to provide a waterproof and durable covering for sleeping bags or other equipment. 

The ACU Bivy Cover is specifically designed for military use and is commonly used by soldiers in the field. It is made from a rugged and waterproof material that ensures protection against the elements, including rain, wind, and moisture.

The bivy cover is typic compatible with the standard military-issue sleeping bags, providing an additional layer of protection and insulation. It is designed to be used as an outer shell, serving as a barrier between the sleeping bag and the outside environment.

The ACU Bivy Cover features a zippered closure system that allows for easy access and securing of the sleeping bag inside.

This bivy cover is designed to be lightweight and compact, allowing for easy transport and storage when not in use. It is often equipped with loops or straps for securing it to a backpack or other gear.

The ACU Bivy Cover typically comes in the Army's Universal Camouflage Pattern (ACU) to blend with the surrounding environment. The camouflage pattern helps to provide visual concealment and minimizes detection.

In addition to its primary use with sleeping bags, the ACU Bivy Cover can also serve as a versatile shelter for other gear or equipment. It can be used as a makeshift rainfly or tarp to protect equipment from rain or as a groundsheet for added insulation and protection from moisture.

Overall, the ACU Bivy Cover is a reliable and essential piece of equipment for military personnel and outdoor enthusiasts who require a durable, waterproof, and camouflaged covering for their sleeping gear or equipment in challenging field conditions.

Color: Grade 2

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Quality goods shipped very quickly.

Matt J

Bought for get home bag I'm making for my truck. Got a grade 2 but came looked unissued/used no holes or anything wrong with it. Looking at getting more stuff from One Thief.

Trahern Janes

Mone was supposed to be grade 2, but I can't find any evidence that it was ever used. Cheaper than the woodland version because of the horrible ACU but built just as bulletproof.

Terry Pilkenton

Grade 1 bivy. Outstanding! Excellent condition. Fast shipping. Thanks!

Grade 3 bivy

I bought the grade 3 bivy expecting to find some damage to it, but there nothing wrong with it that I could find! Absolutely the best price for a ucp bivy anywhere.