Adjustable Wrist - Brace Large Slingshot

Adjustable Wrist-Brace Large Slingshot

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Very few things bring back fun childhood memories like a slingshot. Not only can they be useful for gathering food, they are also low noise fun for the whole family! Lightweight, plentiful ammo (rocks), and highly portable. Add one to your arsenal today!


  • Size: Measures 7-1/2" for a comfortable grip
  • Construction: Sturdy plastic handle with ergonomic finger grooves
  • Adjustable Frames: Slide iron frames allow customization for optimal tension
  • Wrist Support: Rubber wrist-brace provides stability and reduces fatigue
  • Padding: Leather pad enhances comfort during extended use
  • Lock Mechanism: Includes a lock for secure ammunition placement
  • Grip: Finger grooves ensure a secure hold
  • Base Plates: Equipped with durable base plates for stability
  • Ammunition: Includes four 1/2" glass balls for immediate use.

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William Fiero
Cheap and fun ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Great deal 🤙🏻