Why Military Surplus?

This is an important question with several answers depending on context. First, why did we choose to start a government surplus business in the first place? Luke has always been a bit of a gear nerd. He is always looking for the best, most cost- effective piece of gear for the task. This line of business also keeps him in contact with a huge number of fellow veterans and other similarly minded people that he can relate to, enjoys helping, and spending time with. 

Luke is an avid outdoorsman and loves hunting, camping, fishing, boating, and all sorts of other activities. Did you know that there is military surplus available for ALL of them??There is!! It is usually far more cost effective than the comparable quality commercial equipment that you would otherwise be purchasing, and it stretches your hobby dollars even further.

Luke wanted to turn traditional thoughts of military surplus stores and gear on their heads. Instead of the musty smell of a thousand pieces of old sweat-soaked gear, in a dimly lit, camo net covered walled, Quonset with the irascible codger sitting behind the counter, image that often springs to mind he wanted to make a brighter more enjoyable experience. To this end he is actively working to develop clear, accurate descriptions paired with high quality photos of the inventory in use to stir the imagination, an easily navigable website, open and available communication, and a 100% customer satisfaction goal. 

The next part of that loaded answer to the "Why Military Surplus?" question is a bit easier to answer. Why would YOU want to choose surplus gear over civilian gear that is often generations ahead? There are several reasons, the first being that you will not find a more field tested and reviewed piece of gear. You can generally find hundreds of first-hand reviews or accounts of usage with the tapping of a couple buttons. 

Next, if durability is valued over weight savings, you can be assured that surplus gear, ounce for ounce, is far more durable than the civilian counterparts that tend to value weight savings over durability. Military gear has ease of repair taken as a consideration as well, whereas, non military based gear often does not seem to and generally complete replacement is required when there is a failure. 

Another point is that often military surplus is capable of far more capacity than its similarly priced civilian counterparts. It is no secret that combat loads can often total more than 150lbs. 

Quite possibly the most compelling point of in military surplus' favor is the modularity and wide availability of components, accessories, and upgrades. These are all often available at significantly less cost than their counterparts as well.

With all that understood, we look forward to seeing your name come across our outbound orders queue. Thank you!

USMC Surplus Outdoor Equipment: Tarp shelters and Rucksacks (otsurplus.com)