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USMC Complete Tarp Shelter Kit

USMC Complete Tarp Shelter Kit

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Here is a COMPLETE tarp shelter kit featuring a FIRE RESISTANT USMC tarpaulin suitable for backpacking, survival/bug out kits, vehicle emergencies, or any number of events that might require shelter. We have used these for shade, rain protection while bank fishing, hiking, an “A frame” tent shelter for primitive camping while deer hunting, and even to cover cargo in the beds of our trucks. This is truly a do-it-all kit that is compact enough to even reside in a motorcycle saddlebag.

The tarp itself is surplus and will show signs of usage, but it will be 100% serviceable but it may be missing bungees, have light staining, and/or small holes less than 1/4". Everything we have shipped this far has exceeded this standard, however it is the baseline standard for ALL of our surplus tarpaulins. All other parts are of new manufacture.

It is contained in a convenient, water resistant, drawstring backpack and comes with (1) American made USMC surplus tarpaulin, (10) 7075 Aluminum 7” tent stakes (the same base material as AR-15 receivers and is stronger than many grades of steel yet retains aluminum’s inherent lightness), (4) 10’ guy lines with line locks, (1) 25’ ridge line with carabiner on one end and a line lock on the other, and a plastic resealable bag with numerous set-up instructions/examples and a waterproof capability that allows you to store other important items with the kit (like tinder, lighter, ect). We would also recommend a collapsible water bottle/ filter for emergencies as well since this kit comes with instructions on how to utilize the tarp to collect rainwater for emergency water collection.

Here are a few of the many highlights that set this particular kit apart from all the others.

  • The tarp is not only waterproof, but the tan side is coated in urethane for FIRE RESISTANCE. Most tarps in this price point have zero fire resistance and even the smallest spark zips through and compromises their waterproof integrity.
  • The tarp is a very generous 60x90” and has grommets spaced around its perimeter for ease of use.
  • The cordage is American made 550 parachute cord and is sourced from an American small business.
  • The small hardware (stakes, carabiners, and line locks) is not American made and we are currently unable to find any American businesses that can produce these at a price point that is efficient for us, HOWEVER, we are sourcing these parts from other small American businesses that import/sell them.
  • The bag that contains all of this is sourced from and customized by yet another American small business.
  • We hand construct each of these tarp kits and they are made to order. Every knot is tied by hand and every fitting placed and test fit by hand as well.

Contents list

  • (1) USMC Tarpaulin (80x90" approximate)
  • (1) 25’ Ridgeline containing carabiner and line lock
  • (4) 10’ guy lines with line lock and “Loop 8” knot
  • (10) tent stakes
  • (1) string backpack
  • (1) clear re-usable bag
  • (1) instruction pamphlet

*Note, Hardware color and type may vary from pictures, however, functionality will remain the same. 

Total weight 2lb 13oz.

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