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Marpat ZIPPERED Woobie / Poncho Liner

Marpat ZIPPERED Woobie / Poncho Liner

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Woobies are a Marines favorite gear  - experience this great product for yourself

These are fair/ serviceable condition (Grade 2) USMC issued zippered poncho liners/ woobies. These are hands down, one of the most beloved issued pieces of gear to ever be fielded by the U.S. Military.

The flexibility of this product is almost endless, use it as a blanket, zip it up and use it as a light weight sleeping bag, pair it with the USMC tarp and have a waterproof sleeping bag, ect. 

Its warmth far outweighs its price and weight. These are the ZIPPERED USMC poncho liners. These are coyote on one side and woodland Marpat on the reverse.

They may exhibit small holes from cigarette burns and fading on the MARPAT side (usually caused by bug spray usage in the field) and they may be missing some of the strings to couple it to the tarp. The zippers will all be functional.

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