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London Bridge Trading (LBT1201B) Grade 1

London Bridge Trading (LBT1201B) Grade 1

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Here is another AWESOME LBT product at a VERY affordable price! These are brand-new, unissued rope carry/rescue bags. Wear them as a drop leg attachment, strap them to your boat, carry your tree stand safety rope, tree strap, and carabiner with it (You DO use a harness and fall protection in your stand, right?). 

It will also hold an entire 25' tow strap for your off-road rig with room to spare and has the attachment points to mount it to your roll cage to save on floor space!

Designed to hold 100 FEET of rappel rope, it can feed through the top or bottom of the bag, allowing the whole bag to be thrown with the standing end of the rope attached to the vessel in rescue attempt.

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