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FILBE Main Bag (Grade 3)

FILBE Main Bag (Grade 3)

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These FILBE main bags did not meet our stringent quality standards to make complete packs with and we are blowing them out to free up warehouse space. These are priced at/very near cost and we cannot afford to offer free shipping on them. They are perfect for CIF turn-in or pair it with our other grade 3 FILBE parts to make a complete budget pack. 

They are generally serviceable but will likely need some sewing repairs to be 100% functional.

We have many clients that pair these with our new construction FILBE lower compression straps and contractor grade garbage can liner to make a durable 4x4 offroading "garbage can" that attaches to their spare tire and allows them to pack out all of their garbage without putting it in their vehicle. Others use them as a tree stand organizer and canoe organizer bags. 

They will exhibit at least one of the following

-Tears and abrasions

-torn storm fly


-broken zippers (rare but possible)

-Missing buckles

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