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Coyote USMC Surplus Hydration Carrier (Grade 2)

Coyote USMC Surplus Hydration Carrier (Grade 2)

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These are one of the longest serving and best designed hydration carriers the Marines ever issued. The Marines are known for implementing off-the-shelf civilian gear whenever possible and this carrier is a perfect example of that. These started getting very popular back in 2005-2006 as personally purchased hydration carrier. The Marines saw this and began issuing them several years later. 

They are insulated, heavily constructed, will fit a 3L bladder, and feature a pretty large exterior pocket for bushcraft or survival essentials like water purification tablets, fire starters, a small water filter, ect. We kept a few packets of gatorade powder, saltine crackers, and similar items in there as well to help with maintaining electrolytes and blood sugar levels. 

These can be used as a stand alone backpack style hydration carrier or attached to armor using small plastic snaplock carabiners (not included) and the fabric loops on the side of the carrier. 

Condition: These are well used, and will show signs of wear. They will be fully functional but will likely exhibit fading, small abrasions (no holes), and light stains. 

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